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    Authoring and illustrating books are just one of her many creative outlets. Little Rain and Little Snow combines her love for Mother Earth and the joy she finds in connecting with children through storytelling.
    Anna White Hodges is also an accomplished singer, songwriter, musician and storyteller; having appeared at the legendary Grand Ol Opry in Nashville, Tennessee as just one of her many achievements.
     Anna enjoys a "clamorous" life farming clams and living in the woods along the Gulf Coast of Florida with her husband and soulmate, Mike Hodges.   Her experiences raising seven children while making a living fishing, farming clams, and growing food to feed her family, is where the foundation of her songs and stories of life are created. All of this woven together has blossomed into Anna's unique presence in performances, which are sometimes funny, sometimes sad; but always original and entertaining.
 She is a multi-talented creative soul. She is Nashville meets Mother Nature; a water-woman with a music mission. Her passions stretch from clam farming in the Gulf, to writing and illustrating children’s books with various color pencil techniques; from planting a garden, needing to feel the soil in her hands, to creating impactful music as reflected on her most recent music progect titled "Conscious" Available soon on ITunes.
        Anna's lifestyle has also given her a deep appreciation for our natural resourses which infuses her creative works with love and the responsibility we all share in protecting and respecting our planet.      
     Now that her seven children are grown and have children of their own, she is enjoying her clamorous life, working on the water farming clams, raising chickens, gardening with her grandchildren and sharing it with others.
   But Anna will tell you that she has found her greatest joy is celebrating life each day following her husbands recent cure from 4th staged throat cancer!
                   One of Anna's quotes says it all;
                   "I will never cease to create
                      and my dreams will never end 
                                                         until I do!"
                                                                Anna White Hodges
                                                                                           Expect to see a lot more from this modern renaissance woman!
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Songwriting is one of her favorite creative outlets, she's written a complete album of songs to fit the beautiful harmonys  titled "Anaroza", the mother/daughter duo Anna formed in Nashville along with her daughter Roza Smith. Listen to Anna and her daughter Roza below!

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